Friday, September 18, 2015

Wireless comms in Oil & Gas -- designing Industrial Networks

Interesting article on and the kickoff is "When it comes to wellsite optimization, communications systems are an area often overlooked by producers."It is, and when it is not, they bring IT people full of IT-alike certifications that get very confused when they see Cisco barely has an industrial grade router. When they go back to basics and look for other vendors they get even more confused and can barely create a VLAN.

Do not misunderstand me: I have full respect for IT/ICT people. The problem is it's different. You do not plan, design, deploy, test, etc., an Industrial/Embedded/IoT network the same way you do in IT/Enterprise/Telecom. Different tools, different requirements, different design workflows, etc.

It's just different.

...which also reminds me I have long promised a post comparing Networks (and Cyber Security, for what is worth) in different domains and aplications: Military, Industrial, Internet-of-Things, Telecom, Office/Enterprise, Financial, Datacentre, etc.

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